Charitable Organizations

The Charitable Solicitations Act requires that charitable organizations which solicit contributions directly or indirectly from, or within, the State of Tennessee must register and annually renew with the Division.

Initial Registration:
Organizations registering for the first time may File Online or complete and file by mail. A checklist for initial registration can be found here.

Renewing Registration:
Six months after the end of each accounting year a registered charitable organization is required to renew its registration. You may File Online or file by mail. A checklist for renewing registration can be found here.

There are certain organizations exempt from the registration process (TCA § 48-101-502). Click here to view types of organizations exempt from registration.

A "$50,000 and Under Exemption" applies only to those charitable organizations which do not intend to solicit and receive and do not actually raise or receive gross contributions in excess of $50,000. The annual exemption registration may be Filed Online or completed and filed by mail. A checklist for exempt organizations can be found here.

NOTICE: Effective July 1, 2019 the Tennessee Code Annotated has been amended, raising the charitable exemption level from thirty thousand dollars ($30,000) to fifty thousand dollars ($50,000).